VisionNet API - Eircode To Address Conversion

All requests must first be Authorized and must use the HTTP GET method over HTTPS. Results are encoded int UTF-8.

This call allows you to get the full address list from the Eircode database for a provided Eircode. An Eircode is a seven-character postcode consisting of two elements:

  1. Three Character Routing Key
  2. Four Character Unique Identifier

An Eircode should always be stored as a single string of seven upper case characters in IT systems, i.e. A65F4E2
An Eircode should always be presented in upper case as two parts separated by a space, on stationary, mail items, computer forms, etc. i.e. A65 F4E2 and never A65F4E2.
Please contact us for further details on the format of Eircodes, or a regex for front-end verification purposes.

The XSD file is available here{{EIRCODE}}?lang={{EIRCODE_LANGUAGE}}&format={{FORMAT}}&htmlEnc={{HTMLENC}}&userRef={{USER_REF}}
Parameter Type Description
EIRCODE D04ED73 A valid eircode. You should not include any spaces, so it should be 7 characters long.
lang irish or english or both Optional parameter where you can specify return language. Defaults to return both languages if available.
format XML or JSON Return the results in XML (default) or JSON format.
htmlEnc 0 or 1 If set to one, then String fields will be encoded in HTML format. For XML this parameter is forced to 1. For example, ampersands will be encoded as &
userRef reference Optional parameter to save a reference to the usage charge entry.

Sample response for D04V4X7

Please be aware that multiple Address objects may be returned for the one Eircode.